As a life coach, I offer my clients a safe environment to assess their life’s questions, goals and purpose.

Goal-Setting Coaching

I help you to:

  • Pinpoint your goal
  • Come to terms with any unresolved issues that create obstacles in completing your goal
  • Create a plan of action to reach that goal.


  • The most important role I play is in helping you get clear on what your goal is and helping you determine whether said goal is worth pursuing.
  • I help to clear the fog of your brain. With more clarity, you are able to see the finish line. One of the main processes I use in helping you gain clarity is by asking relevant and sometimes probing questions.
  • Assignments are given to bridge the gap between sessions and to complete tasks on the way to reaching goals, which continues to provide clarity, as we walk this path together.
  • Together, we customize life hacks that help you navigate around undesirable tasks and increase efficiency.
  • We partner together as you go on this road to self-discovery and/or smashing scary goals.
  • I provide accountability and encouragement along the way as you manage the inevitable obstacles that come from actively pursuing your ambitions.

The process is customized based on your specific goals.

Here are two simple examples of the kinds of goals I have helped clients work through and what it entails:

Example 1: Coaching on changing unwanted behavior: We take inventory, pinpoint the core of the issues and create a practical plan to modify behavior.

Example 2: Coaching on relational issues: I can assess your relational issues and teach you how to better communicate and resolve differences with your colleagues or loved ones.

What makes coaching with me special:

You will be provided with an environment that is loving, supportive and judgment-free.

I share of my life’s experiences as they relate to your goals. If I have done what you are setting out to do, I tell you how I did it and provide ideas on how to tweak practices to suit your style and needs.

I empower you. I help you to punch fear in the face!

Between sessions:

*I think about your needs and goals and your unique style. As prompted, I will research and explore further.

*We stay in touch via email.

*I keep you accountable, to stay on task.

*I encourage you as you reach out to me with your concerns or troubles you’ve encountered on your way to fulfilling tasks. I remind you of your worth, your unique skills and abilities and cheer you on to stay the course.

*I help you sharpen your focus, advising you on what to focus on and what to avoid, in an attempt to lessen distractions. Gaining that laser focus will ensure the most efficient and effective route to meeting your goals. 

Finding Your Purpose, Passion or Path

If you do not know what your goal is, I help you find it. We start by getting to the core of you through various activities. We explore your mind, heart and dreams. We get clear- which is the most important portion of the coaching process. I specialize in helping people get clear about their lives and what the next steps should be as they pursue of their goals.