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In combining my passions for teaching, training, empowering and leading, I enjoy working with both organizational and private clients to achieve their goals. I have a great ability to organize, visualize and then communicate back a practical framework to achieve any goal.

In my style of coaching, I am adept at helping clients clear the fog of their brains – to bring clarity and illumination to an issue or goal. I specialize in offering step-by-step plans that give a viable approach to meeting specific goals, creative life hacks and overcoming fears.

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Request my special Welcome Questionnaire that will ask you pertinent questions about your interest in coaching at this time in your life. After you return it to me, we can set up a free 30-minute call to determine what kind of plan I can put together to get you to goal completion.  You can take this opportunity to ask questions about my style of coaching, structure, timeline, etc. and ultimately decide if you like what I have to offer.

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