Services, packages and pricing

In the 10 plus years officially coaching, I have coached people on many different facets of their lives. People have come to me for help in the following areas:

Personal goals

  • Finding purpose and passion
  • Dealing with specific fears
  • Clearing mental blockages in order to find their way
  • Learning how to increase self-confidence
  • Taking control of their lives through shifting mindsets
  • Developing effective communication to maneuver through challenging relationships
  • Pushing through procrastination to finally complete important milestones in their lives

Professional goals

  • Mid-life career changes
  • Interview coaching
  • Polishing professional reputations that lead to advancements
  • Accountability for those high achievers
  • Throwing off pretensions to go after exactly what they wanted to do in the first place
  • Learning about and adapting to business culture, communication and presenting

My biggest thrill is helping to set others free…free from fear, free from the lies that have entangled them. I love the action-packed pace of the sessions. We are utilizing our time wisely. We get results!

I am honored to have been given the opportunity to walk alongside so many people on their journey through important times in their lives, so much so that I have expanded my offerings to include teaching since combining teaching with coaching gets results and keeps my clients encouraged throughout the learning process.

I found a beautiful niche within the English Language Learning community, which came about from my world travels. In this way, I teach the fundamentals of English from an American standpoint while coaching my client on their confidence, pronunciation and helping them deal with blockages to realizing their fluency goals to the fullest extent.

Packages and pricing

Package #1

Goal Setting

4 sessions, 1 hour each $549

Get yourself clear, motivated and ultimately accountable to take your goal setting to the next level


♠ Foundational exercise: sharpens self-identity & pinpoints any blockages to success

♠ Goal setting exercises: clarifies & prioritizes short & long-term goals

♠ Step-by-step action plan for one chosen goal

♠ Customized assignments that strengthens, educates, illuminates & ultimately fosters empowerment

Package #2

Take Control of Your Life

6 sessions, 1 hour each $749

Get yourself into fighting shape to finally take full control of your life, emotions and destiny.


♥ Self assessment exercise

♥Identifying your strengths, weaknesses & hidden issues

♥Clear the fog of your brain to make sound decisions

♥Identifying goals & purpose in life

♥Creating life hacks & tools customized for your life that bring freedom, empowerment & control.

Package #3

Career Readiness, Change & Advancement

3 sessions, 1 hour each           $599

Get ready for the next job or career change with this package that includes:

♦2 career coaching sessions

♦Interview prep coaching session: mock interview, wardrobe notes, etc.

♦Focused research on your industry’s current trends

♦Résumé editing, including modern template

♦Cover letter for 1 specific job posting

♦Useful tips & hacks, customized to your needs

♦Wrap-up assessment & guidance for next ste

Package #4

ESL Executive Business Coaching

8 sessions a month $499 monthly

♦ 2 sessions per week, 1 hour long each

♦ Hand-picked business articles to review and discuss based on your industry and goals

♦ Access to video-recorded sessions for extra practice and training

♦ On the spot advice and corrections for grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, etc. to make you the best communicator

♦ Monthly evaluations to assess: your progress, review and/or amend goals and review whatever changes need to be made to your program for ultimate results.

Not sure if a package is for you?

Single sessions are available starting at $175 for one hour.

Are you ready to get started?
Here is what you can expect:

Step #1:

Connect with me to discuss your specific needs and goals. We will choose the best package for you and answer all of your questions.

Step #2:

Fill out a Welcome Questionnaire, sign the contract & send payment

Step #3:

Make an appointment for your first session

Step #4:

Complete the customized homework assignments in-between sessions

Step #5:

Book your next session- and off we go on your journey!