Jessica Malavez has delivered seminars, keynote speeches, and workshops on a variety of topics regarding personal and professional development.

With an engaging sense of humor and drawing from personal experiences, Jessica delivers effective seminars that are relatable across a diverse range of people. Her spirited form of communication creates an environment of trust in which participants can discuss serious topics in an open and non-judgmental setting.

Jessica’s seminars provide practical tips that participants can apply to both their personal and professional lives. She enjoys presenting on important topics in a way that motivates the audience to take action in their lives.

Signature seminars:

The Professional Development Diet

Effectively combines the most important aspects of personal and professional development

Punching Fear in the Face

Empowering you to take powerful actions against your fears


Soul Searching

Steps towards Introspection; increase your power, confidence and motivation by getting to know yourself.

Her most popular seminar topics include:

Goal Setting

Identifying Your Core Values

You and Your Money: Your Money Mindset

Effective Decision-Making

Emotional Intelligence 

Building Your Self Confidence

Discovering Your Purpose

The 5 Love Languages

Interview Techniques

Organizing Your Life

Developing Your Personal Success Plan