How to Punch Fear in the Face – Part 2

In my first submission we identified what Punching Fear in the Face was all about. We highlighted a few of its benefits to your overall well-being. So good, we got it…but how do we implement this? How do we actually “Punch Fear in the Face”? First, let’s clear up what kind of fear we’re referring to. The fear that warns you of oncoming danger, keeps you from misbehaving (because you don’t want to get arrested) and can be used to make assessments is not the type we’re discussing. We’re looking at the fear that:

  • Binds and restricts you
  • Immobilizes you
  • Lies to you
  • Scares you
  • Overpowers and controls you

This fear is a bully. There is no rationalizing with it. It is created by you, but you must overpower it.

Here are 3 truths that will enable you to handle fear and get it out of your way.

Don’t Have a Chit Chat with Fear

Fear is not real. Fear is a liar. Fear has you believing that something will happen in the future that will greatly harm you, without even any evidence of the sort. Fear will have you bound in the present for what it predicts will happen in the future.  When you acknowledge that those fearful thoughts and feelings are not ‘real’; that they’re a figment of your imagination, you expose the truth. The truth is that fear is not real. The truth is that fear is an illusion born out of your insecurities and experiences. Fear is your very own inner enemy. This is why you don’t have discussions with your enemy. You just punch it in the face and keep it moving. As a matter of fact, if you stay and try to reason with fear, it will overpower you. You’re basically asking fear to expound on all the many ways things can go wrong. So don’t let fear even have a foothold. Don’t give it the opportunity. Punch it in the face and keep it moving.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

You embrace the truth and then realize that indeed you have the power to control your thoughts and your feelings and that you are the head of your being. You may not be able to control what happens on the outside, but you can have control of what happens on the inside. So don’t let fear make you a prisoner in your own home. Step to fear and punch it in the face. Don’t let fear rule you with its fakeness, its posing. Acknowledging and applying the truth lessens fear’s power over you and essentially…sets you free.

Move Swiftly

The aggressive picture of ‘punching fear in the face’ and my consistent admonition to ‘keep it moving’ all point to an important reminder. In order to successfully win the bout with fear, you have to move quickly. If you take time, you give more opportunities for other doubts to creep in. You start to rationalize with yourself, looking for a way out of confronting your fear.  You’re most powerful when you first decide to take action. You’re filled with adrenalin. It is after a while that you get deflated and therefore weakened. How many times have you changed your mind about something because you let it sit and simmer? So make the decision to knock that obstacle out of your way and then do it quickly.

Being equipped with these truths and having this game plan will save you time, money and energy. Use that energy to keep plowing towards your goals. Goals will always be accompanied by obstacles and every level will have its round of fights. Just remember the truth, don’t dance around the ring, move quickly and keep punching fear in the face. It’s so awesome to complete a goal you were once so fearful of and look back in amazement at yourself. You’ll laugh “and I was scared of that?”

*What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

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