Punching Fear in the Face

Why punch fear in the face? It’s an aggressive way of removing the obstacle of fear in order to get closer to your goals. You’re acknowledging your fears and it’s impediment to your success and deciding to not waste time on a figment of your imagination.  Instead, you quickly and efficiently eliminate the obstacle. No time to sit and negotiate with fear, conversing with it and giving it an opportunity to over-power you. Punch it in the face and keep it moving!

Punching Fear in the Face is a form of self-love

If you think about what love is and how we express our love to others, we can imagine what it looks like to give ourselves that same care. Would you let yourself rot in a prison while the door is open? Because you love yourself, you would set yourself free. Would you keep good things from yourself? Would you keep good opportunities from yourself? All of this is within reach and for you to not supply your own needs would be a contradiction to loving yourself, right? Well, fear is what stands in the way between you and your freedom; between you and your success; between you and even your basic needs. Setting yourself free from the oppression of fear will allow you to soar, grow, learn and overcome. When you love someone, you protect them. You should protect yourself as well…protect yourself against the power of fear.  Protect yourself with intensity. That’s where the punching comes in. It’s an aggressive way of declaring “Fear, you will not over-power me. You will not enslave me”.

Punching Fear in the Face is a form of good stewardship

God gave you this life & body and your job is to be a good steward of it. You are entrusted with the honor of caring for your body, mind and spirit. If you allow yourself to not be cared for, you are in direct rebellion to God’s will for humankind. Your specific purpose hasn’t even come into play yet. First, you must care for your basic needs. Overcoming your fear, actively and consciously is the next level of caring for yourself. Allowing fear to manifest and over-power you can affect your physical health. Living under the weight of fear can lead to depression, anxiety, and  to isolation. Isolation will stop the flow of love coming into your life. And yes, we need love to survive.  Being a good and responsible steward of your life means caring for your basic needs, taking care of your health and allowing love to flow in and out of you.

Punching Fear in the Face will build your spiritual muscles

Every step you make towards lessening the power of fear in your life will strengthen you. You will start to build spiritual muscles. Think about it. Your fight is not with a physical obstacle, it’s a spiritual and/or emotional one. You can build the fortitude for battles large and small. Each one is a practice fight. You will spar, get hurt, maybe even knocked down. But as you build your strength you will get back up again and again, faster each time, to the point where you’re no longer getting knocked down. Every battle will teach you more about strategy, your weaknesses and strengths. Every bout will build muscle. Every bout will sharpen your mind. Talk about being a power-house!

And when it’s all said and done…

After you punch fear in the face and win, you will look back amazed at yourself that you garnered enough courage and strength to do it. You know what will happen next? You will look around for other pockets of fear in your life, mind and heart and actively pursue fear in order to punch it in the face again. You will get hooked. It feels good to win! It feels good to be set free. Then you will want to tell others. Heck, you even wish you can punch fear in the face for your friends! Overcoming your fears, fighting those battles will have a ripple effect in the lives of those closest to you. Imagine: you setting yourself free will help to set others free. Sounds like fantastic R.O.I. (Return On Investment)!

*Analysis paralysis is where you sit down with fear and ask ‘tell me everything that can go wrong with this idea”.*

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